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Welcome! Let's discuss ANTM!!! There is bound to be the bitchy girl we will all love to hate, the midwestern girl who is the underdog, and others.

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America's Next Top Model Quiz: "New York City, Here We Come"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 28, 2008 at 1:30PM

America's Next Top Model is back for real! On Wednesday's episode, the gang returned to New York, where the girls who survived Tyra's model prep moved into their swanky loft. Right off the bat we learned that the girl Tyra ordered to rename herself last episode chose "Amis," which is pronounced "Ay-miss." That didn't strike me as the fiercest of names for an aspiring top model but renaming oneself is probably easier said than done.

Last night's episode was jam-packed with model activities, including a Times Square runway show with Ms. J and Mr. Jay as well as some "honest" feedback on the way they look from new judge Paulina Porizkova. The girls dressed up as homeless people for their photo shoot, but the drama really hit its high point when not one, but two girls were sent home! You can check out more photos from the show here but first take my quiz to see if you can remember fun bits from last night — like who got told she looks like a drag queen 80 billion times.

Photos courtesy of The CW

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "New York City, Here We Come"

Which model did Ms. J and Paulina call a drag queen over and over again?


America's Next Top Model Quiz: Episode 10, "The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures"

Posted By Molly Goodson on Nov 29, 2007 at 4:54PM

Last night's America's Next Top Model was fun (yay!) because the "Go-See" episodes are always full of delightfully idiotic hijinks, but weird (boo) because it felt extra fake. There are often obviously dubbed parts added in later, but last night something about the whole thing seemed fishy. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but, for example, part of me doesn't really believe that Heather only made it to one go-see. At least Nigel was there — heeee's hot. To see a gallery of photos from the show click here or on the big picture below. Okay, now take the quiz! See how well you were paying attention!

Photos courtesy of The CW

America's Next Top Model Quiz: Episode 10, "The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures"

Which model did designer Lu Kun call "dull"?


America's Next Top Model Catch Up Quiz!

Posted By Molly Goodson on Nov 1, 2007 at 3:49PM

Last night's episode of America's Next Top Model was a recap episode (boo), but that doesn't mean that I'm going to leave you without some ANTM love (yay). So here's a little quiz to see how well you've been paying attention so far this season. Also, does the fact that there was a recap episode so early on mean that there will be two this season? That is so lame. Anyway, take the quiz, it's fun!

Photos courtesy of The CW

America's Next Top Model Catch Up Quiz!

What part of Kimberly's body did Tyra think was perfect?


America's Next Top Model Quiz: "The Girl Who Gets a Mango" — What Did Tyra Say?

Posted By Molly Goodson on Oct 25, 2007 at 4:26PM

This week we're going to try something a little different with our America's Next Top Model coverage. Rather than a typical rundown (which would mostly be gushing about how hot Tyson Beckford is anyway), here's a little quiz to see how closely you were paying attention to Tyra and the other judges (even Jay Manuel during the photoshoot). Because, seriously, the most important part of the show are the Tyra-isms, right? To see the full gallery of photos from the shoot click here or on the big picture below. Otherwise, take the quiz! It's fun!

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "The Girl Who Gets a Mango" — What Did Tyra Say?

Which model did Jay call "trampish" at the shoot?


America's Next Top Model Rundown: Episode 5, "The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Heights"

Posted By Molly Goodson on Oct 18, 2007 at 4:57PM

After last week's thrilling makeover episode, this week's America's Next Top Model was actually a bit of a bore. Is it just me, or are they devoting less and less time to the girls interpersonal drama? Maybe these aspiring models just aren't as boozy as some of the older seasons meaning fewer late night antics. So without further ado, here's what went down last night:

Benny Ninja was in full effect last night taking the girls for a trampoline lesson on how to pose while moving before their challenge. The girls were then brought to an ice skating rink and told to convey emotions while being lifted over the ice by an Olympic figure skater. Good times. Overseeing the event was Cycle 7 winner, Dani, who has certainly followed through on those speech lessons. All the girls seemed totally awkward with the challenge, most of all Heather, who kind of froze up whenever the guy tried to lift her. Lisa won, making all the other girls, most especially Ambreal, upset. There were tears, but that is to be expected.

For the actual photoshoot, the girls were brought to the roof of a hotel in downtown LA, where they would be posing (nowhere near the edge, mind you) as "fashion gargoyles." I kid you not. Ambreal was having a bit of a fit, being scared of heights and all, but...wait for it...she overcame her fear. Also, did I mention they didn't seem to be anywhere near the edge? Too bad for her it didn't' do much for her photos. Ebony continued to have no personality, but look great on film while Heather stuck with her tried and true profile shot. Out of nowhere, I think Chantal might have been my favorite and Jenna wasn't so bad herself. Way to go, blondes!

To see a whole gallery of all their shots, hear who lost and my guess on who is next to go just

Thankfully Saleisha learned how to hold her head high with that haircut (thereby allowing us to see her face, like, at all). Sarah didn't look great in her shot, nor does she seem to carry herself particularly well, but they're keeping her around for at least another week. I will say, that I love me some Lisa-tude.

Ambreal was in the bottom two, but Janet got the boot. Probably a good call because I literally didn't even know she was on the show until this week.

Next week: my guess is that Sarah or Ebony will be kicked off. Then again, I've never once predicted correctly.

What did you think? Loving the photoshoot? Have a favorite girl yet? Wish that Bianca would shut her mouth? Me too. Also, don't miss the Team group to much more ANTM fun.

Photo courtesy of The CW

"America's Next Top Model" Rundown: Episode 4, "The Girl Who Goes Bald"

Posted By Molly Goodson on Oct 11, 2007 at 3:58PM

Makeover day is when "America's Next Top Model" really gets rolling and last night was hopefully the turning point for this kind of blah season so far. Nothing much happened between the girls this episode, which is possibly for the best since it meant zero of Bianca picking fights with the other girls. That being said, she was still the center of what little drama there was. Here's my take on what went down:

The makeovers were, across the board, good this time (meaning, no DISASTERS like Brittany last season). I especially loved Chantal and...Bianca's. I know that Ken Paves gave her an extra special wig after they had to shave off her hair, but she looked stunning with that buzzed head! I've never been a fan of her on the show, but I definitely see her potential now that the pink hair is gone. I actually kinda hate Saleisha's new look, but I suppose that's why I'm not Tyra.

For the first challenge the producers had to work in their partnership with CoverGirl. I mean, uh, the girls had to show off their make-up skills. It was pretty pointless, but Sarah won. Yay, Sarah. Sarah is good. As for the real photoshoot, the newly madeover models had to each act like different species of plants. Believe it or not, the resulting pictures are pretty awesome.

To see all the pics from the photoshoot and the makeovers, hear what the judges had to say, who was kicked off and my predictions for next week just

The judges were, as usual, enamored with Heather's pictures. They also loved Ebony's photo, but couldn't get past her attitude on panel. And speaking of panel-tude — it was Yaley Victoria's downfall. I understand that she wasn't trying to be an aloof and slightly obnoxious person, but it definitely came off that way. She was always a bit abrasive, which earned her the boot. Saleisha was in the bottom two, which is certainly not going to help her confidence about that haircut.

I'm sure the promos for next week will make it kind of obvious who goes home (they always do...), but right now my guess would be either Chantal or Ebony. Who do you think? Do you think the right girl went home? Who are you liking? Favorite makeover? Why is there so little Tyra this season? Clearly, these are pressing questions.

Definitely check out the ANTM group on TeamSugar for all sort of fun polls, and chit chat about the show!

Images courtesy of The CW.

"America's Next Top Model" Rundown: "The Girl Who Went Rock Climbing"

Posted By Molly Goodson on Oct 4, 2007 at 4:19PM

"ANTM" is getting pretty lazy with their episode titles, eh? This week, wait for it, the photoshoot was on a rock climbing wall! Yeah, they're also running out of ideas for photoshoots...and other competitions. Speaking of which, this episode was all about walking in difficult situations (isn't it always?) and started out with Miss Jay having the girls walk in straight jackets. Perhaps I'm overly sensitive, but the whole thing made me a bit uncomfortable.

As for the competition, the models had to walk in a faux-runway show for Colleen Quen's fancy and difficult-to-maneuver-in gowns, the prize being a chance to walk in Quen's Paris Fashion Week show. Roy Cambell acted as the most awkward runway announcer ev-er for the show. Kinda hilarious. Saleisha won, despite Bianca's many attempts to cut her down including calling her "borderline plus sized." Ugh. Bianca may bring the entertainment factor, but I'm quickly getting tired of her shenanigans.

To see the full gallery of photos, hear who won, and see what surprised me just

For the photoshoot, as I mentioned before, the girls were to simulate rock climbing (do not worry, no actual climbing took place) in their couture gowns, stilettos...and harnesses. How cutting edge! How high fashion! How silly.

And about the pictures, Saleisha's shot was good, and daring, though I think she may be getting a bit too into herself. I also liked Victoria's shot, but I always find myself rooting for the smart girls. Tyra was a fan of Bianca's but the other judges didn't like it. For the first time ever, Ty Ty seemed like she was maybe going to make an elimination based on her co-panelists' feelings, but in the end Kimberley got the boot despite, as Tyra kept harping on, her perfect ears. Oh, Tyra.

So what did you all think? Did the right girl go? Is Bianca grating on your nerves, too, or is she just hilarious? Will she lose her power when she loses her pink hair next week...and are you as excited as I am for makeover week? Yes!

Photos Courtesy of The CW

"America's Next Top Model" Rundown: "The Models Go Green"

Posted By Molly Goodson on Sep 27, 2007 at 4:01PM

On this week's "America's Next Top Model" we learned that this cycle, the show is going green...ish. Well, at least they'll be tooling around LA in a car running on biodiesel, the house is full of plants/recycled materials and the girls will be forced to take short, timed showers. To conserve water! Oh...and they're not allowed to smoke cigarettes...? Talk about one version of hell: living in a house of aspiring models who are forced to quit smoking. Well, that's one way to up the ratings with testy catfights!

This week the girls had to pretend to be super excited about a shopping spree at Old Navy (and put together a totally personalized outfit from the store's fabulous staples!) in addition to getting down to business with their photoshoot. The ridiculously preachy and heavy-handed theme of the shoot was the effects of smoking cigarettes. Seriously. The girls had to pose two ways: glamorous smoking and, in the mirror, ghastly from the side effects. Did you get the message? Smoking is BAD FOR YOU.

To hear the rest of my thoughts and see photos of all the girls just

First of all, the Bianca vs. Lisa fight was classic "ANTM" material. It barely made sense and will hopefully carry over for many episodes. Also, did it seem a little, um, planned that Heather, the model with the disorder that affects her social interactions, was chosen to be in the only picture with multiple girls in it?

Saleisha won the Old Navy outfit picking contest, winning her a shopping spree and a modeling job in an Old Navy ad. The ad seems like a huge, nice surprise by "ANTM" standards — surprised they didn't stress it like a million times beforehand.

As for the photos, I kind of hated all of them, but if I had to choose a favorite it would probably be Ambreal. The bottom two were Ebony and Mila, and Mila got the boot. I kinda liked Miss Mila, but it's too early in the game to get attached to any of them.

How about you? Early favorites? Do you think the right girl got the boot? How do you feel about the show's efforts to go green? And the smoking ban? Do tell and check out Team's ANTM group for all sort more dishing on the season.

Photos courtesy of the CW

"America's Next Top Model" Recap: "The Girls Go Cruisin'"

Posted By Entertainment on Sep 20, 2007 at 1:47PM

Pretty much all the suspense of last night's season premiere of "America's Next Top Model" was gone with one look at this picture from the CW that revealed which of the first 33 contestants would make the final 13. But no matter — there was enough pure crazy in the first episode to make it worth watching. I mean, one girl gave Tyra a simulated bikini wax right there on the judges' table, leading Tyra to exclaim that "any girl who gives me a simulated kitty-cat wax is fine with me." I can only imagine what precedent this will set for future cycles.

Anyway. The episode started with the 33 hopefuls boarding a cruise ship in Puerto Rico, where Tyra surprised the girls by making her first appearance in a feather-adorned getup for a little cabaret number, surrounded by gay sailors. (My boyfriend's comment: "The kangaroo costume was better.") Then came a boatload (...get it?) of whining, cattiness, backbiting and posturing between the girls as they prepared for their auditions in front of Tyra and the Jays. For more about the auditions and to see a gallery of all the contestants,

The auditions featured a whole lot of weird moments, including one girl pulling a straw paper out of her nose and another being made to walk like a high-fashion butterfly and robot. (That went well.) There also was the usual complement of sob stories from girls who had drug-addicted mothers, blindness in one eye, and Asperger's Syndrome.

In the end, after a photo shoot on the beach, the girls were cut to the 13 finalists, including Heather (the girl with Asperger's), Victoria (a Yale student who thinks some of the other girls are dumb), Jenah (who seems like a good candidate for house brat), and Sarah (who's too big for regular modeling and too small for plus — so, in other words, a normal girl). At this point, I'm rooting for Sarah, but I have a feeling Lisa will end up winning it all. Who's your early pick?

Photos courtesy of The CW

America's Next Top Model is...Jaslene!

Posted By Fashion on May 18, 2007 at 12:44AM

Whoa, I didn't see that one coming! I doubted Renee would be cut from the final two and that Jaslene would become America's Next Top Model. I for sure thought it was going to be between Renee and Natasha. And actually, I'm glad I was mistaken, because Jaslene blew her competition out of the water in the final runway challenge. Did you see her slim bod and the way she pranced down the Sass & Bide catwalk? She was fierce! Once she toned down her hair and semi-cheesy outfits, the fashion model emerged. Also, her photographs were stunning through and through so I am happy with the outcome.

Natasha had a unique look, but she just didn't shine for me during the final competition and that is really when they need to step it up. Poor Renee for looking too old for her age. I'm not worried about her though, as I think she is model material and got quite enough exposure from the show. What do you think about the judges' choice for ANTM?