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Welcome! Let's discuss ANTM!!! There is bound to be the bitchy girl we will all love to hate, the midwestern girl who is the underdog, and others.

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Model of the Week: Caridee English

Posted By Beauty on Mar 14, 2007 at 11:54AM

Welcome to our sixth installment of Model of the Week. I've written a five question interview that I have conducted with several models to share with you. The questions are both fun and beauty related and will always stay the same.

Caridee English was born in 1984 in Fargo, North Dakota. From the mere age of five, she suffered psoriasis (a skin disease) which covered almost 75% of her body. She was convinced this would prevent her from modeling, but in 2005 she was given a new type of medication to control the disease.

Caridee is 5'11 and used to be an aspiring photographer. Using her carefree and charismatic personality along with some fierce looks, Caridee won season seven of America's Next Top Model!

You may recognize her from her February 2007 cover of Seventeen magazine, her Cover Girl ads and her many red carpet and event appearances since her big win. She is currently living in New York in the Elite Model house. She is silly, adorable and extremely approachable.

To read her interview that was conducted at the ck IN2U launch party and to see more images,

BELLA: What is your secret to beautiful skin and hair?
CE: Don't dye your hair too much and only use heat on it when you really have to. I am lucky enough to be a natural blonde so I really don't have to over-process my hair. Also, sunscreen is really important for great looking and healthy skin.

BELLA: What is the one product that you can't live without?
CE: Ooooh. I love my Cover Girl Smoothers in Medium/Light. It makes my skin look really smooth.

BELLA: What is your guilty pleasure?
CM: Sunglasses. I love really big ones - the bigger the better!

BELLA: What is your favorite drugstore product?
CM: My favorite drugstore product is Aspirin. Thank goodness for Extra Strength Tylenol.

BELLA: Happiness is...
CM: Being in love. Love is amazing, it makes you feel so good.


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