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Welcome! Let's discuss ANTM!!! There is bound to be the bitchy girl we will all love to hate, the midwestern girl who is the underdog, and others.

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TV Tonight: "America's Next Top Model"

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 4, 2007 at 5:03AM

In the long history of bitchy models on "America's Next Top Model," is Renee really exceptionally evil? She seems pretty palatable to me, yet the stay-at-home mom from Hawaii is fast becoming the main source of drama on cycle 8.

Apparently, the girls are totally fed up, because on tonight's episode, Tyra stages an intervention of sorts, where the models confront Renee one by one. A group telling off may not be your preferred method of conflict resolution, but it does make for good TV! As if that weren't enough, tonight also finds the models at a party in the Hollywood Hills attended by 50 Cent, and judging from the episode title ("The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool"), I'm guessing someone embarrasses herself. To watch a clip from tonight's Renee-tervention, read more

"America's Next Top Model" Ladies Look Like Dudes

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 29, 2007 at 1:51PM

Drag queens are just so much more fun than a bunch of women dressed as dudes, as last night's episode of "America's Next Top Model" proved. After all, men dressing as women get to play with lots of flamboyant makeup and wigs, but skinny girls doing the opposite have little to work with beyond painted-on facial hair and an inability to fill out a suit. I mean, this photo of Tyra is cool-looking, but she's obviously a woman, not a sharp-dressed man. (Who did you think made the best dude?)

Between that and the Sears clothing challenge, I thought last night's show left a lot to be desired in terms of competition. But it did provide plenty of priceless moments with Natasha, the resident Russian mail-order bride/Angelina Jolie lookalike. For more details and to see a gallery of photos from the shoot, read more

Who Was The Most Stylishly Dead on ANTM?

Posted By Fashion on Mar 23, 2007 at 12:11AM

Some people thought this week's episode of America's Next Top Model was a bit eerie. I for one love scary movies so I thought it was fun - different from the norm. For an in-depth review visit Buzz; I love her comparing it to CSI. When it comes down to it, this week the girls performed their best yet - almost every shot was fantastic, if you like stylish crime scenes. I was disappointed Felicia got the boot; I think she has way more potential than say, totally un-model like Brittany. What do you all think about this? Especially those who belong to the ANTM group? I put Felicia's photo in my collage, may she R.I.P. Who do you think was the most stylishly dead? (Clockwise)

The CW

"America's Next Top Model" Meets "CSI"

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 22, 2007 at 1:09PM

Last night's episode of "America's Next Top Model" focused on that magical combination of "vogueing" and death, which is appropriate, seeing as how this show is starting to bore me stiff.

In the first part of the show, the models learned to pose vogue-style with a club-scene vet named Benny Ninja, who made them creep and crawl around a wondrous maze of laser beams likely to frighten the bodysuit off of anyone not on drugs.

Then, in a connection I couldn't quite figure out, the models posed for a crime-scene-themed photo shoot, where each shot depicted a different type of grizzly death. I, for one, thought this was the best photo shoots of the season so far — very edgy and high-fashion — though I'm sure it's likely to offend a lot of people. For more on the episode, and to see the crime-scene shots, read more

"America's Next Top Model" — What a Bummer

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 15, 2007 at 12:04PM

The makeover show is usually my favorite episode of "America's Next Top Model," but wasn't last night's just kind of depressing? I mean, poor Jael! First, she finds out that a close friend of hers has just died from an overdose, which I thought ANTM handled in a really uncomfortable way. (Also, does the episode title, "The Girl Who Cries All the Time," refer to Jael? If so, doesn't that seem a little insensitive, given that her friend just died?)

As if that weren't enough, Jael then had to endure 8 hours getting a very painful weave that looked awful. Tyra phoned in to stop the tresses (sorry, couldn't resist), and the stylists undid the whole thing and gave Jael a short boy-cut. Thankfully, the new 'do looks great, and she took a killer photo. Which is all the more impressive considering that icky photo shoot, which somehow managed to make both candy and naked models look entirely unappetizing.

Like always, the makeovers were hit or miss: I loved Felicia's bangs, but Brittany's weave took her from awkward/cute to awkward/skanky. (BuddyTV has some great before and after photos.) To see a gallery of makeover and photo shoot pics — including a disturbingly skinny Jaslene surrounded by desserts she should try eating — read more

Model of the Week: Caridee English

Posted By Beauty on Mar 14, 2007 at 11:54AM

Welcome to our sixth installment of Model of the Week. I've written a five question interview that I have conducted with several models to share with you. The questions are both fun and beauty related and will always stay the same.

Caridee English was born in 1984 in Fargo, North Dakota. From the mere age of five, she suffered psoriasis (a skin disease) which covered almost 75% of her body. She was convinced this would prevent her from modeling, but in 2005 she was given a new type of medication to control the disease.

Caridee is 5'11 and used to be an aspiring photographer. Using her carefree and charismatic personality along with some fierce looks, Caridee won season seven of America's Next Top Model!

You may recognize her from her February 2007 cover of Seventeen magazine, her Cover Girl ads and her many red carpet and event appearances since her big win. She is currently living in New York in the Elite Model house. She is silly, adorable and extremely approachable.

To read her interview that was conducted at the ck IN2U launch party and to see more images, read more

Back to School on "America's Next Top Model"

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 8, 2007 at 1:38PM

The contestants on "America's Next Top Model" (which, by the way, The CW is now calling a "dramality" series) had a bit of trouble with last week's political photo shoot. I particularly love this clip of Kathleen saying fur is ok if it comes from when "animals fight each other in the jungle."

So, this week, the show posed a challenge more in keeping with the girls' true talents: acting like high-schoolers. First, there was the prom-dress fashion show, where one model flashed her boobs to a gym full of students.

Then, for the Breakfast Club-inspired photo shoot challenge, the models were each assigned a high-school stereotype — the bookworm, the class president, and so on — and asked to pose in that persona. Ironically, the most immature model in the bunch, 19-year-old Samantha from Alabama (above), totally blew it, since she was so uncomfortable playing the school slut. And oh my god, how uncomfortable did Natasha make you? (For more discussion, check out the "ANTM" group on TeamSugar.)

To see a gallery of photos from the shoot, read more