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Welcome! Let's discuss ANTM!!! There is bound to be the bitchy girl we will all love to hate, the midwestern girl who is the underdog, and others.

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Fab Flash: ANTM Renewed Until 2010!

Posted By Fashion on Jul 23, 2007 at 11:34AM

America's Next Top Model fans rejoice! The show has been renewed to run until at least 2010, which means more Tyra than you can handle (the show is such a guilty pleasure for me)! ANTM will return to New York after the upcoming season, which is based in LA.


America's Next Top Model is...Jaslene!

Posted By Fashion on May 18, 2007 at 12:44AM

Whoa, I didn't see that one coming! I doubted Renee would be cut from the final two and that Jaslene would become America's Next Top Model. I for sure thought it was going to be between Renee and Natasha. And actually, I'm glad I was mistaken, because Jaslene blew her competition out of the water in the final runway challenge. Did you see her slim bod and the way she pranced down the Sass & Bide catwalk? She was fierce! Once she toned down her hair and semi-cheesy outfits, the fashion model emerged. Also, her photographs were stunning through and through so I am happy with the outcome.

Natasha had a unique look, but she just didn't shine for me during the final competition and that is really when they need to step it up. Poor Renee for looking too old for her age. I'm not worried about her though, as I think she is model material and got quite enough exposure from the show. What do you think about the judges' choice for ANTM?


"America's Next Top Model": Annnd We Have a Winner!

Posted By Entertainment on May 17, 2007 at 4:52PM

So this week's "ANTM" was the biggie, the one for all the marbles (er, money and lipstick ads) ... and it's the week my TiVo chose to let me down. So forgive me if this recap doesn't chronicle every step of the craziness the way it normally would, and be sure to leave a comment telling me what you thought were the best/worst/most ridiculous parts.

For the first challenge, the three remaining models were sent to shoot a "my life" spot for Cover Girl, speaking spontaneously and without any lines written down ahead of time. Sounds like trouble for Natasha, huh? She tried to sneak in a script she'd written, but that was a no-no, and she ended up awkwardly ad-libbing. Renee, meanwhile, initially started talking about how six months ago she had a baby and thought her life was over. The coaches gently suggested that the ideal "easy, breezy" Cover Girl probably wouldn't be so negative. Jaslene landed the glamour-girl gig by shooting her commercial in a limo, which brought out "cha-cha" to the max. The judges complained that Natasha's ad was too awkward and Jaslene didn't look commercial enough, which you'd think would make Renee a sure bet for the final two. But no! Instead, they said she looked too old — and too squinty, thanks to the sun being in her eyes during the commercial shoot — and she was booted.

That left Jaslene and Natasha to fight to the death at a bizarre runway show, so to talk about the winner and see a gallery of photos from the episode, read more

TV Tonight: The "America's Next Top Model" Finale

Posted By Entertainment on May 16, 2007 at 5:45AM

Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that Tyra was taking a new crop of models-to-be under her wing? Tonight, we're down to the final three on "America's Next Top Model," and we'll learn whether Natasha, Renee or Jaslene will be the next face of Cover Girl — at least for the 30 seconds or so until they crown the next "next top model." One will go home after the Cover Girl photo and commercial shoot, leaving the other two to walk the runway in a glitzy fashion show. Here's hoping for at least one catfight before the final catwalk. To watch a clip of Renee struggling with her lines on the commercial shoot, read more

"America's Next Top Model": Here's To Frenemies!

Posted By Molly Goodson on May 10, 2007 at 4:45PM

After being all excited for last night's episode of ANTM, "The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance" was pretty much a bore. I didn't even cringe at cultural insensitivity nearly as much as I thought I would from the commercial. The show opened with the most excitement of the episode, which was basically brilliantly kooky Natasha making kissy noises into the phone for her husband. Riveting stuff. From there...it was downhill. Plus, not nearly enough crazy Ty-Ty. At all.

For the first challenge the girls were brought out to "the bush" to watch a group of young Aboriginal kids perform. The models were each then to cover themselves in body paint as they saw fit and perform a similar story-telling dance about themselves. If you couldn't tell from the name of the episode, this challenge didn't go so well. In fact, only Renee really did it at all (and therefore won by default). Dionne and Jaslene half-assed it while Natasha whispered a bunch. Oooookay.

For the actual photoshoot, the girls had to pose in form traditional Aboriginal dances. Compared to last week's Hottt Pixxx, these ones were weak. None of the girls really connected with the camera (see, I can talk model). Natasha was all of a sudden sick for whatever reason and blamed her lackluster performance on not feeling well. Again, Renee seemed the strongest. Hmmmm....are they setting her up for a win or an upset by one of the other girls?

To learn what happened at the TOTALLY COMPELLING panel discussion just read more

TV Tonight: "America's Next Top Model"

Posted By Entertainment on May 9, 2007 at 8:15AM

Dancing in body paint? Making out with a cell phone? Whining and complaining? Just another day at the "America's Next Top Model" office. Now that it's down to the final four, things are really getting nuts: On tonight's episode, the girls practice the art of self-expression with Aboriginal dancers, then perform the traditional dances for their photo shoot. Meanwhile, Natasha (aka "No, I'm not a mail-order bride") raises eyebrows when she has yet another bizarre conversation with her husband, during which she basically cuddles with the phone. Man, I kind of love that girl, but she is craaaazy. To watch the clip, read more

"America's Next Top Model": Quit Yer Crying, Brittany

Posted By Molly Goodson on May 3, 2007 at 4:43PM

I must say that the overseas "Go See" day is one of my very favorites of every ANTM season. Plus, the Ty-Ty as photographer day is also one of my favorites of every ANTM season. So imagine my glee when last night's ANTM episode was BOTH International Go See Day and Tyra Is An Artist Day!!! Also, I loooove when Tyra explains the difference between pictures for men and pictures for women -- and that was in it too. Whee!!!

Unfortunately, the Go Sees were less fun than usual because the girls a) speak the necessary language and b) didn't have to use any bizarre methods of transportation. All the girls, other than Brittany, seemed to delight at least one of the designers they were sent to Go See. Though I must say I thought it was pretty inappropriate that Dionne kept asking to keep the clothing. Of course, even though this should have been easier than other years, some of the girls still weren't able to make it back from their Go Sees on time. Including Brittany. Who cried about it. A LOT.

For the actual challenge, Tyra brought the girls to the beach at the break of dawn (because it has the best light, which, to be fair, ended up pretty true) for the photoshoot. The girls were to pose (in the freezing water -- ANTM rite of passage) with hot guys for two sets of pics. One was for a women's magazine, which was shot by Ty-Ty herself. The other was for a men's magazine (sex it up, ladies). Sigh, I just love Tyra in artist mode.

To be fair, I thought all the pics from this episode were pretty great, but Dionne's were definitely the weakest. Renee is impressing me more and more. And considering all the flack Jaslene gets, she looked pretty darn womanly and hot in her shoot. No matter, Brittany got the boot because none of the Go See designers wanted to book her. Also because she's been crying for at least two episodes straight. And then there were four. Thoughts? Opinions? So who do you think is the next to go?

To see all the girls Pixxx for Men and the Pics for Women just read more

"America's Next Top Model": Overwhelmed Down Under

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 19, 2007 at 10:15AM

One of my favorite moments from last night's "America's Next Top Model" — and there were many — was when Jael, conducting a model-on-the-street interview while wearing a tutu over jeans, declared: "I think I'm good at talking to other human beings."

I find this funny, because the first time I saw Jael, I actually thought: "Wow, she has such a bizarre way of interacting with other human beings." Sort of like she might be an alien doing her best approximation of a person.

Needless to say, Jael didn't shine in this week's challenge, which had the girls traveling to Sydney and learning the ropes of commercial acting and being on video. This involved not only talking to other human beings but also using Australian slang and, as if that weren't horrifying enough, Australian accents. I understand that top models need to be well-spoken, but I can't imagine that "the ability to speak in a bad Aussie accent" is something any of them really need to add to the ol' resume.

Check out the "ANTM" group, or for more of my take and to see a gallery of photos from last night, read more

TV Tonight: "America's Next Top Model"

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 18, 2007 at 5:00AM

After last week's bizarre foray into acting, the six remaining "America's Next Top Model" gals are off to Australia this week. No word on if they'll be bonding with the ladies from "Australia's Next Top Model," though my fingers are crossed.

Even without that, though, this episode sounds like a doozy. (Aren't they all?) Cycle Two model April Wilkner shows up to teach the models how to be great hosts — of what? A show? A restaurant?

Once the girls arrive in Australia, they're put to work interviewing the locals using Aussie slang. That sounds like the definition of bad hosting to me, but OK. Later, they film a Cover Girl commercial, but one model can't remember her lines. Looks like someone should have paid more attention in acting class. For a video clip of the girls checking out their swanky new house down under, read more

"America's Next Top Model" — What's in a Name?

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 5, 2007 at 3:02PM

Hair weaves gone horribly wrong, uncomfortable celebrity encounters, bitchy group interventions — now that's the bad reality TV I know and love!

After a pretty boring past few episodes, "America's Next Top Model" returned to top form last night. The girls prove that cleverness is not their strong suit when they're asked to invent new names and personas. Whitney becomes "Whitelle," Sarah inexplicably chooses "Moe," and Dionne somehow ends up winning the challenge when Tyra changes her name to "Brown" instead of the amazingly awkward "Wholahey."

The girls have to take those names — or, as Renee would say, Nayians — to a party in the Hollywood Hills, where Jael annoys the hell out of 50 Cent, who pushes her in the pool. Meanwhile, Renee tells Nicole Richie that Jael is a bitch, and Nicole tells Jael.


The best news this week: The judges are finally going to do something about Brittney's weave. Could Brit be getting a "Brit"?!

The photo shoot involves each girl showing off four aspects of her personality, but apparently, Sarah didn't have quite enough, because she went home. To see last night's photos, read more